Saturday, May 20, 2006

Free at last, Free at last....

So it is official, even with Susan's best efforts to keep me from graduating I did it!!!!! Now, time to take over the world..... ;)

Saturday, April 15, 2006

That's what it's all about

So last weekend I was given a lighting design opportunity at the Fox Cities PAC, which I was very excited about- to me it seemed like the staff there was finally taking me seriously and wanting to give me a chance to show what I can do. WEll, let's just say that the entire experience while stressful, was also very interesting. It was interesting to work with a production that had no idea what it wanted in regards to a lighting design, they didn't even have a realized set until the day they walked int othe building. While I would have loved more time to have worked on my design, I am proud of the fact that I envisioned, hung, focused, and programmed a full show (Jesus Christ Superstar by the way) all in the course of 12 hours. The fact that I got great comments also helped. While there was some tense moments when people questioned what I was doing, it was also nice when I heard that local members were standing up for me and saying I did a good job.
Now the next step is to somehow make myself credible to the higher ups. I have been told I won't be hired on as SM simply because of my age (not lack of experience but age) which is completely wrong. It would be one thing if I were unreliable or moving away but I seemed to have proven my resolve to stay here and that I actually (shock-awe) know what I'm doing... well most of the time anyway. ;) So oh well I guess now I get to step it up a notch and show them how stubborn I can be too! :)
I really am missing everyone around here though. It doesn't feel the same w/o Chris and Sara h and everyone. And Susan seems hell bent on putting me out of my mind- even though I know she is trying to be helpful. I am burnt on school, but only 4 weeks to go and one more production, so we shall see. I hope everything is going well with the girls, especially Chris, I hate to sound too momish (yeah I know-shut up) but I was worried about her when she left, I know everyone needs to do their own thing, I just wish I could protect them from the bad stuff.
Who knows, maybe a road trip will be in the plans soon, I need to do something soon to get my mind off of things, we shall see.....

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Ok, so I have now been dragged into the 21st Century Kicking and Screaming....

Hey All-
Since evidently I am as old as all of you young @!($!* make me feel, I have finally stopped fighting and created my own blog. Maybe this way I might be able to keep track of some of you a little bit better.
Current status- still in school, but actually graduating this spring!!!! We are going to party like it's 1586 when that happens! Working at the PAC more, got promotion of sorts when I stepped in for the now fired lighting designer....Funny story, I promise to tell some other time. Never thought I'd end up as a Lighting Designer though, eh, who knew.
Otherwise not too much happening, after waking up from my month long hibernation during winter break I am again going to school and work, bored off my ass and missing everyone who graduated without me terribly. The department is definately not the same, I'm glad to be getting out soon.
Otherwise, just working on the house and trying to get into trouble (yes, get into trouble, it's been that boring around here) I am currently thinking about getting my nose pierced. (Hey at least when I go out to have fun at least I keep it legal.... ;)
Girls, if you see this, email me, call me whatever, I miss you!!!! I'm thinking road trip here pretty soon. Maybe I can send the Metro out in a blaze of glory.....