Saturday, April 15, 2006

That's what it's all about

So last weekend I was given a lighting design opportunity at the Fox Cities PAC, which I was very excited about- to me it seemed like the staff there was finally taking me seriously and wanting to give me a chance to show what I can do. WEll, let's just say that the entire experience while stressful, was also very interesting. It was interesting to work with a production that had no idea what it wanted in regards to a lighting design, they didn't even have a realized set until the day they walked int othe building. While I would have loved more time to have worked on my design, I am proud of the fact that I envisioned, hung, focused, and programmed a full show (Jesus Christ Superstar by the way) all in the course of 12 hours. The fact that I got great comments also helped. While there was some tense moments when people questioned what I was doing, it was also nice when I heard that local members were standing up for me and saying I did a good job.
Now the next step is to somehow make myself credible to the higher ups. I have been told I won't be hired on as SM simply because of my age (not lack of experience but age) which is completely wrong. It would be one thing if I were unreliable or moving away but I seemed to have proven my resolve to stay here and that I actually (shock-awe) know what I'm doing... well most of the time anyway. ;) So oh well I guess now I get to step it up a notch and show them how stubborn I can be too! :)
I really am missing everyone around here though. It doesn't feel the same w/o Chris and Sara h and everyone. And Susan seems hell bent on putting me out of my mind- even though I know she is trying to be helpful. I am burnt on school, but only 4 weeks to go and one more production, so we shall see. I hope everything is going well with the girls, especially Chris, I hate to sound too momish (yeah I know-shut up) but I was worried about her when she left, I know everyone needs to do their own thing, I just wish I could protect them from the bad stuff.
Who knows, maybe a road trip will be in the plans soon, I need to do something soon to get my mind off of things, we shall see.....